wort chiller 50ft half inch

Wort Chiller 50ft 1/2″


Product Description

Premium immersion chiller made with 50 feet of 1/2″ high quality, USA made copper tubing. It is built to suit a converted keg or similar sized pot, intended for batches over five gallons, but will chill a five gallon batch from boil to 75 degrees in as little as 5 minutes.* It is ergonomically designed with the inlet/outlet serving as “handles” to aid in swirling and transportation. Item ships complete with:

  • (2) 3′ lengths of clear vinyl tubing
  • (3) strong stainless steel hose clamps
  • (1) 3/4″ heavy duty female swivel garden hose fitting
  • Simple assembly instructions

Chiller dimensions:

  • 9″ coil diameter
  • 11″ coil height
  • 26.5″ inlet/outlet height